Beauté Pacifique - Tyrostase Brown Pigment Equalizer 50 ml.

Beauté Pacifique - Tyrostase Brown Pigment Equalizer 50 ml.
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Brand: Beauté Pacifique
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Beauté Pacifique Tyrostase Brown Pigment Equalizer is a lotion for hyper-pigmented spots to whiten dark skin and even-out blemishes, creating a fairer, more even skin tone.It combines two herbal extracts and a special form of Vitamin C in a unique triple whitening action. All three whitening ingredients have been clinically tested with significant whitening effect. The product influences the enzyme tyrosinase to control the synthesis of melanin. The equalizer works to reduce the production rate of melanin and to partially reverse synthesis for a fairer skin tone. It contains a sunscreen to prevent further skin darkening.Beauté PacifiqueBeauté Pacifique is a Danish company that was founded in 1997 by former Novo engineers Flemming K. Christensen and Gunnar Svendsen.The Beauté Pacifique consists of 50 products within the category of dermacosmetic or cosmeceuticals. Dermacosmetic means beauty care which always fulfils the cosmetic (directive) but the effect is close to the border between cosmetics and medical remedies. Beaute Pacifique products are designed for the face and the body and are suitable for both both young and mature skin. Beauté Pacifique’s A-vitamin products reduce age degeneration, sun damage and stretch marks. As the only one of its kind the A-vitamin cream “Crème Métamorphique" is capable of penetrating to the lower parts of the skin. It is proven in an independent double blinded, placebo-controlled Danish study which was carried out by Professor Peter Bjerring at the dermatological department at Marselisborg Hospital. The study showed that the cream, after only five days treatment, can strengthen the skin’s elastic fibrestruture.