Béaba - Air Purifier - White

Béaba - Air Purifier - White
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Brand: Beaba
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Air purifier that combines performance, design and ease of use. It reduces allergies and removes odors with its 3 filter systems (pre-filter, H13 HEPA filter, carbon filter). A 360 ° filtration provides optimum efficiency eliminating 99.97% particles (pollen, allergens, animal hair, etc.). It provides clean air and a healthy environment. The machine has a touch screen controller that is simple and intuitive to use. The air purifier has night-light function with 7 possible colors and quiet night conditions which ensure a warm atmosphere that is comfortable for baby. Use a cloth for cleaning and do not use chemical cleaners, sprays or cleaning agents, the Béaba air purifier, to give your child the best possible sleep and comfortable air.Product Info:Air purifier from BéabaCombines performance, design and ease of useLimits allergiesRemoves odor3 filter systems360 ° filtrationEliminates 99.97% particlesProvides a purified air and healthy environmentNight light function with 7 color rJust use a cloth to clean