Bayer - Dolls Pram - Combi Grande - Purple (15012AA)

Bayer - Dolls Pram - Combi Grande - Purple (15012AA)
Kategorier: FurnitureDecoration
Brand: Bayer
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The Combi Grande is a modern versatile doll’s pram with a removable carrycot. If you take out the carrycot, you can change the doll’s pram into a pushchair within seconds. It’s suitable for dolls of about 38 - 46cm. Thanks to the adjustable handle, the doll’s pram is even suitable for little doll mums. For an easy transport the pram can be folded simply. The shopping basket and shoulder bag are convenient for everything that is needed for a day trip with mum and her little darling. Handle height (cm): 46-75, Measurements (cm): 77 x 43 x 75