Barberians Copenhagen - Safety Razor

Barberians Copenhagen - Safety Razor
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Brand: Barberians Copenhagen
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Classic and traditional handmade scraper made of the best materials. The scribe has a solid handle with a perfect weight and balance and the time and detail and design have been spent. The handle is ebony, which is characterized by the dark color, which gives a nice finish. The Barberian Safety Razor has a protective element between the blade and the skin for safety. Razor blades are not included. Safety Razor from Barberians is a quality scraper of the best materials.Application: Screw off the headSeparate the head in two parts and apply the razor blade between themScrew carefully the head back on, ensuring it is tightShave with the Safety Razor – in the direction of the hair. Hold the razor in a 30° angleClean with waterBenefits: Quality scrapers from BarberiansBest materialsSolid handle