Barberians Copenhagen - Active Hair & Body Wash 250 ml

Barberians Copenhagen - Active Hair & Body Wash 250 ml
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Brand: Barberians Copenhagen
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Lovely hair and body shampoo, designed for men who are active and busy, but will not compromise on the good quality. The soap is a nourishing soap for both skin and hair with a PH value close to the natural of your own skin. It is a vegan product with active ingredients such as Organic Sea buckthorn, Organic Argon Oil and Aloe Vera. The scent of the active hair and body shampoo is a Scandinavian and masculine developed scent. At first you smell the fertility of orange and mandarins, but then you smell the long-lasting tones of spices in combination with leather and tobacco, which gives a modern masculine scent. The product is suitable for use in the sports bag or on the go, with the bottle’s click lid ensuring minimal risk of contents leaking into the bag. Barberians Copenhagen - Active Hair & Body Wash is perfect for the busy man who wants a good shampoo.Application:Take a small amount of the product in your handsDistribute the product evenly in wet hair and on bodyMassage the product wellThen rinse thoroughlyBenefits: Lovely Hair & Body Wash from Barberians CopenhagenHigh qualityNourishing for both skin and hairLovely scentPerfect on the go