Badehotellet Sæson 1 - Blu Ray

Badehotellet Sæson 1 - Blu Ray
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Join on a heart-warming and nostalgic time travel back to the idyllic Andersens Badehotel and experience season 1 of one of the most successful Danish TV series ever.TV2’s Badehotellet takes place in the years from 1928 and onwards, where we are present every summer when the regulars from Copenhagen occupy the fine hotel and mingle with the hotel’s hard-working employees. There is a guarantee of love, unexpected connections, intrigue, sorrow and joy when the different lives of the many people merge. In season 1 the air is full of optimism and the mood is uplifted, but out on the horizon the crisis lurks and dark clouds emerges over the world - and over the small sunny spot by the North Sea.Badehotellet season 1NOTE. This series is in Danish