Australian Gold - Raydiance Dark Bronzer 300 ml

Australian Gold - Raydiance Dark Bronzer 300 ml
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Brand: Australian Gold
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Get instant color that is gradually enhanced with this self-tanning lotion. Raydiance Dark Bronzer from Australian Gold ensures an instant intense color, while Derma Dark Bronzer delivers gradual color results. The self-tanner renews and soothes the skin, so you get a radiant and youthful skin tone. Deluxe Bio-Active Bronzing Minerals strengthens and moisturizes for silky soft skin, while Flawless Finish leaves the skin smooth and even. Application: Apply a light layer on dry skin Let dry Wash hands thoroughly after use Advantage: Wonderful self-tanning lotion from Australian Gold Gives instant color Delivers gradual color results Renews and soothes the skin Strengthens and moisturizes the skin Leaves skin smooth