Australian Gold - Instant Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 100 ml

Australian Gold - Instant Sunscreen Spray SPF 30 100 ml
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Brand: Australian Gold
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Achieve a beautiful glow with this self-tanner that also protects your skin with sun factor 30.Instant Sunscreen Spray from Australian Gold is a super wonderful sunscreen and self-tanner on spray. It contains a formula that is quickly absorbed into the skin and gives you a naturally beautiful glow and a golden brown color. Once the cream has dried, it does not spread on clothes or towels. The sunscreen contains vitamin E, which protects your skin from harmful effects. In addition, it contains sunflower, tea tree and olive oils that moisturize your skin. The spray is resistant to water and sweat, and also has a calming and healing effect from aloe vera. A super smart and practical spray that does not feel sticky or oily on the skin.Application:Apply to clean and dry skinApply 30 minutes before sunlightApply regularly as long as you stay in the sunAdvantage:Lovely sun spray from Australian GoldSPF30Gives you immediately a beautiful brown golden glowQuickly absorbed into the skinDoes not spreadContains vitamin E.Moisturizes your skinWaterproofSoothes the skinSuper practical sprayDoes not feel greasy or sticky on the skin