Australian Gold - Hemp Nation Agave & Lime Tan Extender Body Lotion 535 ml

Australian Gold - Hemp Nation Agave & Lime Tan Extender Body Lotion 535 ml
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Brand: Australian Gold
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Get wonderful daily care with this lovely body lotion that makes your skin velvety soft and supple.Hemp Nation Agave Lime from Australian Gold is made with the unique ingredient; hemp seed oil that balances the production of sebum and gives the skin the perfect composition of fatty acids. Hemp seed oil, jojoba and shea butter care deeply and regulate the skin’s moisture balance. This light lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it soft, supple and hydrated. Vitamins E and B5 maintain the balance of the skin and prevent early signs of aging. Microspheres reflect light, thereby reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles for a beautiful radiance in the skin.Application:Distribute throughout the body as neededCan be used in summer and spring to maintain a nice skin tone and counteract peelingCan be used in autumn and winter to nourish the skin in depth and counteract drynessAdvantage:Unique body lotion for daily use with hemp seed oil that leaves the skin soft, supple and well-groomedEnriched with nourishing ingredients and a wonderful scent that makes you use Hemp Nation every single dayThe cream is absorbed quickly and does not leave the skin either oily or stickyWith vitamins E and B5Maintains skin balanceReduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinklesGives the skin a beautiful radiance