Australian Gold - Ferocious Bronzing Lotion 250 ml

Australian Gold - Ferocious Bronzing Lotion 250 ml
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Brand: Australian Gold
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Get a beautiful and dark summer glow with this self-tanner.The self-tanner from Australian Gold gives an instant color, which develops into a beautiful, dark glow. It adds powerful antioxidants thanks to Wild Plum Fusion, which ensures that your color remains beautiful and radiant. With ColorGuard Plus Tattoo Technology, you protect your tattoos from fading and highlight them.Application:Apply on dry and clean skin before or after sunbathing, and experience your skin becoming extra brownNOTE! Does NOT contain sunscreen and thus does not protect the skin from the sunAdvantage:Lovely self-tanner from Australian GoldGives instant colorDevelops into a nice, dark glowWith powerful antioxidantsProtects your tattoos from fading