Audio Pro - Drumfire Multiroom Speaker Ash Black

Audio Pro - Drumfire Multiroom Speaker Ash Black
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Brand: Audio Pro
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Audio Pro now launches Drumfire – a very powerful multiroom speaker for those who wants to enjoy a pure and detailed sound with amazing dynamics and also wants to be able to play loud. Real loud.Last year Audio Pro entered the market of multiroom speakers with the introduction of Addon C5, C10 and C-SUB. Recently the company expanded their range with the launch of the portable multiroom speaker Addon C3, and now they widen their range further, introducing Drumfire – the most powerful multiroom speaker on the market.Drumfire is Audio Pro’s flagship within multiroom speakers and the design differs a bit from Addon C10, C5 and C3 – it is more Rock’n’roll. Wrapped in faux leather, with handstitched threads and details in solid aluminium Drumfire blends in naturally in the modern home environment.Drumfire consists of the speaker D-1 plus the subwoofer D-SUB, and the five drivers, each with a dedicated amplifier, delivers a sound that truly makes the music come alive. For those who desire even more power there is the option to acquire two Drumfires and configure them as left and right channel.Our Addon speakers C10, C5 and C3 fits perfectly in any room in the household, or even outside, but those who want something even more powerful in their living room should definitely listen to Drumfire, or a stereo configured pair, says Jens Henriksen, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer Audio Pro.D-1 connects to the subwoofer D-SUB, upon which it can be conveniently placed, with a cable. Should one want to it is absolutely fine to place D-1 somewhere else and it is also possible to for example bring D-1 to the summer house over the weekend, while D-SUB stays at home – and one will then get a sound quality in parity with the awarded Addon C10.Just like the Addon C-series Drumfire is equipped with four preset buttons (that can easily be configured to for example start a playlist in Spotify, or an internet radio channel) and via the Audio Pro app one can even control Drumfire with the voice. And as it has Bluetooth built in Drumfire also works in places where there is no wireless network available.EU POWER PLUG