At Home: Taco Y Tequila Cook Along

At Home: Taco Y Tequila Cook Along
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Brand: London Kitchen Deliveries
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Bring Mexico to your door. An authentic Taco Y Tequila cook along, everything you need packed into a box and delivered to you. Live dangerously. Macaroni cheese can be put on hold until Sunday night, how about a Tacos Y Tequila Friday? Learn from the pros. This is a pre-recorded cook along, delivered on a Friday so you can take part any time over the weekend. London Kitchen Deliveries can usually be found creating menus for large, glamorous parties, so you are in for a bit of a treat - you will also become master of the taco. This menu box will provide all the ingredients you need and includes a cocktail kit so you can construct LKD’s Smoky Margarita to raise concentration levels during the lesson. Vegetarian or meat option - you decide. It’s easy to do swap outs, so that the veggie option works just as well. Hone your knife skills, learn how to ‘plate up’ and acquire the secret of balancing the flavours. This is street food at its best. Shut your eyes, and think ‘Mexico’ and Mariachi. Delicioso. THE MENU