Assouline I Travel Book Bundle | Chic Stays and Ibiza Bohemia

Assouline I Travel Book Bundle | Chic Stays and Ibiza Bohemia
Categories: Decorations, Ceramic
Size: Chic Stays: W 25.1 x L 32.99 x D 3.89 cm | 264 pages | 120 illustrations, Travel Book: W 24.9 x L 33.2 x D 3.5 cm,
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Bundle Includes: IBIZA BOHEMIA- From roaring nightlife to peaceful yoga retreats, Ibiza’s hippie-chic atmosphere is its hallmark. This quintessential Mediterranean hot spot has served as an escape for artists, creatives, and musicians alike for decades. It is a place to reinvent oneself, to walk the fine line between civilisation and wilderness, and to discover bliss. Ibiza Bohemia explores the island’s scenic Balearic cliffs, its legendary cast of characters, and the archetypal interiors that define its signature style. CHIC STAYS- From Sofia Coppola’s luxurious family retreat in beautiful Bernalda, Italy, to the beaches of Kate Winslet’s secret Scottish hideaway of Eilean Shona, to Kate Moss’s favourite beach in the Maldives, each of these thirty-six personal tales of the loveliest spots around the globe are packed with anecdotes and lyrical descriptions to transport readers. The photography bursting across each page—from the crystal waters and azure skies of UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, to the lush hillsides of Sri Lanka, to the hipster hangouts of Portland, Oregon—adds to the allure, inspiring a new desire to discover these beloved corners of the world.