Assouline I Geneva: At the Heart of the World

Assouline I Geneva: At the Heart of the World
Categories: Decorations, Gifts, Ceramic
Size: W 27.94 x L 34.93 x D 4.06 cm, 220 pages, over 200 illustrations, 3.31 kg,
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Situated on Lake Geneva and surrounded by mountains, Geneva is a cosmopolitan gem in the Switzerland landscape. Home to various organisations including the United Nations, the World Health Organisation and the Red Cross, Geneva is a city of diplomacy, charity and finance that accommodates both Swiss authenticity and international interests. However, Geneva is not all business; museums, the finest watchmakers, and chocolate is available to visitors and entertainment in the form of theatre, festivals, and biennales are in abundance. Presented in partnership with GVA2 Association, an organisation dedicated to fostering the growth of Geneva, this title invites readers to explore all that Geneva has to offer, from its historical landmarks to its cultural diversity. Anecdotes from prominent figures in the community supplement the stunning imagery of a city on the verge of greatness.