Artful 15 pc Brush Roll Case Set

Artful 15 pc Brush Roll Case Set
Categories: Decorations,Wall art
Brand: Artful
99.95 GBP
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Whether you’re just starting to build your collection of art supplies or you’re on the lookout for a beautiful new set of paintbrushes, look no further. When purchased separately, these items are worth £153.96, so be sure to take advantage of this bundle saving of 35%! Details: Polyester roll bag case 15 Artful paintbrushes: No.1 Detail Round No.2 Long Point Round No.3 Round No.4 Point Round No.5 Point Round No.6 Angle No.7 Angle No.8 Flat No.9 Flat No.10 Filbert No.11 Filbert No.12 Fan No.13 Flat No.14 Flat No.15 Filbert