Amazonas - Tobago Hammock (EL-1060100)

Amazonas - Tobago Hammock (EL-1060100)
Kategorier: DecorationsCeramic
Brand: Amazonas
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Enjoy the summer in this delicious hammock from Amazonas. Tobago is a simple hammock made in Brazilian cotton/polyester mix and the material is both UV-resistant and water-repellent. The hammock is designed for one person and it can take a person weighing on 120 kg. The cross bar opens hammock and retain their shape also while you lie in it. It provides incredible comfort and you are really comfortable.EllTex - ExtraLongLastingTEXtile is a special mix of polyester and cotton which are water resistant and can hang in the burning sun without losing color. The top of the hammock has the same softness as pure cotton.Useful information about Tobago Hammock.Size: 200 x 80 cm.Material: Cotton/PolyesterMax weight: 120 kg.Hammock weight: 1,4 kg.EllTex/ExtraLongLastingTEXtileAmazonas - Innovative products for young and old.Amazon comes from Germany and is one of the leading manufacturers of hammocks in the world. They made hammocks of Brazilian cotton since 1995 and they have their own factory in northeastern Brazil, in the middle of the South American hammock industry.