Actoy - Kid's Peg Stilts - Yellow (s2000)

Actoy - Kid's Peg Stilts - Yellow (s2000)
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Brand: Actoy
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Artist’s Kid’s Peg Stilts are cleverly designed, metal strap on stilts for kids. The weight and balance is distributed evenly because the centre of the foot is positioned directly above the bottom of the stilt. The moving footplate allows the ankle to move much more naturally than traditional strap on stilts.For children 8 - 12 years-old.Height of foot plate from floor: 15" (38 cm)Footplate length: 25cm (10")Footplate width: 9cm (3 1/2") (important if shoes are wider than this they will not fit!)Individual stilt weight: 1.25 KG (2 lbs 12oz)Distance between foot plate and knee strap: 35cm (14"). (IMPORTANT: The strap should be secured somewhere between the upper part of the calf and the lowest point of the knee.)Please take safety precautions by wearing knee/elbow pads and practicing away from sharp or dangerous objects.