2021 Hartman Westbury Garden Cushion Box - Beech

2021 Hartman Westbury Garden Cushion Box - Beech
Categories: Furniture, Gifts, Decoration
Brand: Hartman
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Set consists of: 1 x Hartman Cushion Storage Box (cushions not included) - BeechAbout:The Westbury Cushion Box is a tasteful storage unit for your garden dining set cushions finished in the same Beech shade synthetic rattan wicker as seen across the whole Westbury range. But it won’t just befit this selection alone, such is the pleasing neutrality of this colour, simply use for any cushion set you may require it for. Built on a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium frame that will remain completely rust free, this box, like all rattan garden furniture, will stand up to the tests of the elements completely,.Although Hartman’s Weatheready® cushions will certainly deal with short sharp showers, even hours of dismal light rain, we do still recommend a cushion box for best care, and the same for any brand cushion sets in our glorious garden furniture ranges. Why? Well, because you simply can’t trust British and Irish weather, no matter the season. Read below to understand exactly the reason for this.The Weatheready® cushions are developed in mind to repel the ravages of light water damage. The repellent qualities will be a barrier to a certain level of rain exposure, after this point the water will travel through the permeable layers and eventually straight through the underside of the cushions. With this in mind we do still recommend storing your cushions for longer periods of bad weather during the spring and summer and most certainly all throughout the autumn and winter, especially frosty spells, this will greatly increase the lifespan of the cushions.