2021 Hartman Heritage Rattan Duet Set With Tuscan Tabletop - Ash/Slate

2021 Hartman Heritage Rattan Duet Set With Tuscan Tabletop - Ash/Slate
Categories: Furniture, Decoration
Brand: Hartman
699 GBP
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This Hartman Heritage Duet Set consists of: 1 x Heritage Mini Coffee Table with Tuscan Ceramic Glass Tabletop - Ash 2 x Heritage Armchairs with Weatherready® cushions - SlateObtain a slice of blissful comfort in the garden for two with the Hartman Heritage Duet Garden Coffee Table Set. Ideally suited to casual settings, conversation and enjoying elevenses or a 4 pm treat and a hot drink. This two seat rattan patio furniture is built from impressively durable rattan weave, a substance which holds up to the elements. A mini table with a sleek Tuscan ceramic glass top provides the ideal height surface for nibbles and drinks at reaching distance. Meanwhile comfort is to be found with the high backed armchairs which are angled for optimal comfort, you’ll not want to get up from these any time soon. The spongey cushions of this rattan coffee set extend right up to the back of the chairs and seat edge. These cushions, as all in the Hartman Heritage range come usefully equipped with Weatherready® microfibre system meaning they’re resistant to light rain showers, and allow heavy deluges to pass all the way through the clever permeable layers and eventually drying over a time period in line with local conditions. We still recommend storing these during the winter months or prolonged torrential weather.Thicker bands of rattan run the arms of the chair creating a playful look but also providing a wider surface to rest arms. The light-to-lift frame means moving this outdoor coffee table set around the garden or patio is simple, but it’s also incredibly sturdy being made from aluminium to ensure rust proofing. The tasteful neutral colour tones of the ash and slate means this patio garden furniture set is easy to incorporate into many settings.