Decorating With Antique Decor

  • 12 Jan, 2022

There is a saying about old being gold. That is certainly true about antique decor. A good piece can completely change the look and feel of a space. It is also an ideal way to introduce a retro element in a space where everything else is contemporary. A large antique clock, chandelier, candle holders or lamps will look striking against other pieces that are sleek and sophisticated.

With antiques, it is best to go for versatile items that can be used in different ways. An antique stone bowl is a perfect example. It can be used to hold a variety of items from keys to jewelry and little knick-knacks.

Put It On The Wall

Anything that is mounted on a wall stands out. If you want a piece, go for antique wall decor. This may be a big clock, a framed mirror or a beautiful woven rug that can be up on the wall. Antique light fixtures are another way to go.

Paintings are another way to go for wall d├ęcor. In this case, it could be the frame that a painting is in that is the antique. Still on frames, consider creating a photo gallery on one of your walls with antique photo frames.

Decorating With Antique Decor

When it comes to art, the motto is to each his own, meaning you should choose pieces that best express who you are. In doing so:

  • Choose antiques that will contrast strikingly with modern decor.
  • Choose versatile pieces like bowls for holding and displaying items.
  • Mount your antiques on the wall to make them stand out.

Antiques For Other Spaces

The above items are for the living room. However, there are other antique decor pieces you can use in other spaces. For instance, display antique china plates and tableware on a kitchen wall or hatch. You can do the same with flatware like antique silverware.

Antiques are also ideal personal gift items. Frame old family photos in antique frames or source a pocket watch for dear dad, granddad or a beloved uncle. A dainty antique bracelet, locket or another piece of jewellery is sure to be appreciated by your wife, sister, mum, daughter or other precious girl or lady in your life.